Our Founder's Philosophy

I have always been a spiritual person. I have always believed in my own way about a higher connection, a connection of the body, mind and spirit. I didn’t understand that until I became a holistic practitioner and started doing the work myself. My background has really brought me to help bridge the gap between traditional and new thought theories. I believe there are many paths to the Divine. I would like to bring that awareness to others; we just need to be open to hear how the messages come in.

A big part of my work is to teach others about intuition and their own inner voice. For me intuition is how God whispers to us. I feel that most people need a big, neon sign to get a clear answer from God. I have come to understand that sometimes answers come as a whisper or a gentle nudge from God...the Universe...Spirit however you are comfortable referring.

I have always been interested in helping people, animals, and making people feel good about themselves. Even as a boy I would bring wounded birds to my parents or want to find the owner of a lost pet or even help a friend who was crying, even to just put a smile on a face of someone who was sad.

Historically, I was raised with a strong Greek Orthodox background. My parents were Greek-Americans and adopted me from directly from Greece. I have always been interested in psychology, spiritual awareness, and fascinated by the ways of mystics. I used to dream about my older relatives and it was always the same dream: we were in church except one relative, when I woke up, we would receive a telephone call that the person who was not in my dream had passed away. I had forgotten all about those dreams until I was In my 30’s. The stories resurfaced when I got interested in investigating intuitive work and was finding that I could tap into my own inner voice easily. I did an apprenticeship in Andean based, Shamanic studies at the same time that I was learning more about other religious beliefs. Although conflicted with my own religious background and confused by the work I was being called to, I understood that God is in everything and God speaks to us in visions, dreams, animals, people, angels even love ones who have passed. This knowledge made me appreciate all that I learned in my life and my experiences.

I am on this journey, learning every day, and it is my passion to teach what I know to others along the way.

Welcome to the journey.

To grow, to enlighten and to connect.

~ Elias Patras



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