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Each spray has its own essential oil combination to help
balance those areas in your life that may need a shift.

Breaking Thru Obstacles ~ assists you in moving forward by breaking down barriers to your goals.

Emotional ~ blend is for the heart, for self-love, for when you need more love to come to you.

Empowerment utilizes lilly of the valley, ginger and frankincense to
create the perfect mist for gathering your own forces and taking control of any situation.

Forgivenessis a blend of jasmine and violet oils in pure water used to allow yourself to be forgiven or to assist in forgiving others.

Intuitionis a blend to help open the mind, heart and third eye. Allowing all three to blend to enhance your natural connection of trusting your intuitive gifts.

Mental Clarityis a blend of essential oils for peace of mind, clarity, bring better ideas into the mind.

Peaceful Blissthis sweet blend is a gentle way of bringing peace, calm and love to oneself. That calming sweet peaceful protective healing bliss that we all long for in our day to day life.

Physical is for your body, for any body aches.

Spiritualblend is about creating an opening to allow Intuitive Spiritual connection to be clearer to one's sacred temple within.

Sweet Prosperityhelps to bring in prosperity of all kinds into one's life. This blend aligns you with your ability to manifest all types of ways to be prosperous and clears the blockages that are preventing the ease of flow to abundance.

Personalized Spraysare customized for you. Whether it’s to help balance a chakra, give you a sense of strength, or break through a barrier, whatever your energetic need may be we can make a spray up for you.



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Creating sacred environment when doing holistic work is critical. One should feel safe, secure, connected and empowered. Smudging with our Palo Santo sticks is a marvelous method to cleanse, purify and establish a connection with Spirit.




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What makes these special are that the bottle not only has the oil but pieces of the gemstone listed.

Amethyst ~ In oils of Sandalwood and Lotus. Crown chakra, Spirituality, Love, Psychic Awareness, Healing

Aventurine ~ In oils of Peppermint and Peach. Good Luck, Money, Mental Powers, Success at Games of Chance

Bloodstone ~ In oils of Carnation, Gardenia and Rose. Heart Chakra, Love, Healing, Courage, Strength

Carnelian ~ In oils of Lily and Musk. Sexual Chakra, Sexual Energy, Creativity, Eloquence, Protection

Citrine ~ In oils of Orange and Peach. Solar Plexus Chakra, Balancing, Psychic Awareness, Healing

Clear Quartz ~ In oils of Rose and Sandalwood. Brow Chakra, Inspiration, Visualization, Spirituality, Power

Hematite ~ In oils of Amber and Vanilla. Grounding, Practicality, Materialistic Concerns, Divination

Lapis Lazuli ~ In oils of Lilac and Almond. Throat Chakra, Expression, Communication, Soothing, Love, Peace

Moonstone ~ In oils of Coconut and Hyacinth. Love, Divination, Psychism, Sleep Protection, Moon Goddesses

Red Jasper ~ In oils of Honeysuckle and Magnolia. Root Chakra, Focus, Stability, Positivity, Mental Processes, Grace

Rose Quartz ~ In oils of Rose and Hyacinth. Heart Chakra, Love, Happiness

Tiger's Eye ~ In oils of Heliotrope and Sandalwood. Money, Protection, Courage, Divination, Good Luck


Each Bottle of Gem Scents - $15.00




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Oils are used to enhance one’s intention. Oils work within 2 minutes to help redirect and balance one’s energetic field.

Listed below are some of the oils that we carry. We have listed the non-traditional blends here. Other oils are also available that are more traditional.



Fruits and Florals

Blackberry Blossom ~ Healing, Money, Protection

Carnation ~ Healing, Strength

Freesia ~ Attraction, Purification

Heliotrope ~ Healing, Wealth

Honeysuckle ~ Money, Psychic Powers

Hyacinth ~ Love, Happiness

Jasmine ~ Spiritual Love

Lavender ~ Healing, Peace, Love, Relaxation

Lemon ~ Love, Friendship, Purification

Lilac ~ Protection

Lily ~ Protection

Lily Of The Valley ~ Mental Powers, Happiness

Lotus ~ Protection, Healing, Spirituality

Peach ~ Love, Fertility

Pomegranate ~ Divination, Luck, Fertility, Wealth

Wisteria ~ Mental Powers

Ylang Ylang ~ Opportunity, Peace


Roots and Herbs, Resins

Anise ~ Peaceful Sleep, Youthfulness

Bayberry ~ Money

Bergamot ~ Money, Success

Cinnamon ~ Attraction, Speed

Frank & Myrrh ~ Protection, Purification, Spirituality

Ginger ~ Success, Power

Orris ~ Love, Divination, Home Protection

Peppermint ~ Healing, Luck

Sandalwood ~ Protection, Purification, Spirituality

Sweetgrass ~ Spiritual Attraction

Verbena ~ Protection, Love

Vetivert ~ Love, Luck, Money



Ancient Wisdom ~ with Solomon Seal Root to encourage intuitive wisdom.

Attraction ~ with Cinnamon Bark to draw good spirits, love, luck, money.

Clear Mind ~ with Lemon Verbena to clear the mind for insight.

Come to Me ~ with Red Rose Petals to attract romantic attention.

Fire of Passion ~ with Patchouly Leaf to increase desire and passion. Potent.

Guardian Angel ~ with Hyssop to attract spiritual assistance and protection.

Healing ~ with Peppermint to amplify the vibrational qualities of healing.

Inspiration ~ with Clove to promote positive thought forms.

Lodestone ~ with Lodestone Chips for attracting qualities of this magnetic stone.

Love Drawing ~ with Red Rose Petals to attract the qualities of love.

Meditation ~ with Myrrh to heighten and enhance the meditative state.

Money Drawing ~ with Frankincense to attract material gain.

Peace ~ with Cardamon Pods to promote peaceful conditions.

Prosperity ~ with Allspice to promote nurturing conditions.

Protection ~ with Verbena Leaf to help develop immunity to negative vibrations.

Psychic Power ~ with Mugwort to help focus psychic energy.

Purification ~ with Vetivert for spiritual cleansing and purification.

Spirit Guide ~ with Acacia Flowers to aid communication with spirit guides.

Success ~ with Orris Root to strengthen endeavors.

Vision Quest ~ with Mugwort to stimulate creative visualization.

Wishing ~ with Cinnamon Bark to align with one's dreams and wishes.



Dove's Heart ~ To calm the soul and solve problems of the heart.

Dragon's Blood Oil ~ With Dragon's Blood Resin, used for empowerment, strengthening rituals, spiritual cleansing and protection.

Kabala ~ For solitary meditation and mystical practice.

Nag Champa ~ Blend of aromatic herbs that faithfully reproduces this floral favorite from India. Use to heighten spiritual vibrations.

Van Van ~ For purification and success.

Wiccan Altar Oil ~ Crafted specifically for Wiccan Altars, containing oils representative of all four elements, in a base of Frankincense.


Each Bottle of Pure Essential, Mystic Blend or Specialty Oils - $10.00



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When setting your environment, it is important to draw on many sources for the energy you will need in your work. Lighting Reiki Charged Candles will offer an additional boost to your surroundings.


One Reiki Candle - $5.00

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