ReAwakenings Tribe


All of us which make up the Tribe are a balance of student and teacher for one another. We gather together so that we can have a place where deeper connections can happen and be able to speak from the heart with no judgement. We fondly call this "ReAwakenings Tribe," (or "R-Tribe" for short).

This community connects others, of like mind and heart, who want to expand their understanding of self, through exploring and understanding their own intuitive gifts. These gifts can help further spiritual reawakening, assist in shedding old patterns, and develop a sense of strong bonds within community. We call this community a "Tribe." When creating this, we felt that the meaning of Tribe included people who come together, share stories, open up to what is within, learn from one another and create a Community.

R-Tribe, offers a safe place of Community for meetings, workshops and retreat weekends. This environnment allows a connection of self-awareness, self-discovery and self-love. Because we come together as a Community, we also learn from the awareness of others and the environment through energetic and indigenous teachings. Our greatest gifts to give are the understanding and love we have for each other.

We meet monthly supporting the connection that we have, exploring intuitive, heart-felt energy within community. Whether you have joined us in a workshop, a retreat weekend, or an event, like-minded people come together to open up and share their gifts, talents and questions to be supported in community to be able to share.

Come join R-Tribe and explore your own inner voice. When we let go of our fear, we expand and allow ourselves to listen to our intuition, which comes directly from our hearts. By helping ourselves, and opening ourselves up to our true heart voice, we are able to invite others to connect on a different level.


Monthly Circle Group


Call us for location! (773) 817-0923

10 am12 pm

Our Circle Group is a monthly meeting of like minds who want to connect on a deeper level by understanding intuition and energy work. Each month we would meet and talk about a particular topic and do some experiential exercise around that topic, followed by casual talk time. 1.5 hrs of work and 30 mins of mingle time. Feel free to bring a snack of some sort to share.

Cost: FREE

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